Services Across Melbourne - Leaking Shower Repair, Leaking Balcony Repair & Tile Repairs

At Save & Seal, we offer the best of services in caulking, leaking balcony repairs, leaking shower repair and tiles repair across Melbourne. As residential to commercial spaces suffer a lot due to water and wind damage on the walls and floors, our solutions are designed to minimise their adverse impact on the properties. Our professionally trained and certified team ensures the highest guarantee of long-lasting results. We are reliable, affordable with highly competitive prices and renowned for the workmanship of highest Australian standards.

Leaky Shower Repair:

The showers suffer from the annoying leaks which can turn expensive in long run. Save and Seal covers all the aspects of shower repairs, ranging from missing grout, cracked tiles, drummy/hollow sounding tiles and more. Our professionals can stop leaking showers effectively, addressing the underlying causes and damages after a thorough assessment of the affected site. We can also waterproof the bathroom surfaces, giving effective solutions for the damaged membrane before re-tiling. Contact us for leaking shower repairs or caulking services across Melbourne!

Leaking Balcony Repair:

These can be a big issue if ignored for a longer duration or not caught in the early stages. At Save and Seal, we offer a wide range of balcony repair services, including full balcony re-tiling. Our team can also fix the leaking balconies without removing the tiles, saving you a lot of time and money. For leaking balcony repairs or full balcony make-over, call us!

Tile Re-grouting:

Beyond re-tiling and all the hassle involved, tile regrouting or tile repair can be the best decision to make. At Save and Seal, we use the latest and professional tools to remove the existing grout and placing the new grout between the tiles. With our high industry standards, we ensure that our tile regrouting services provide long-lasting effect. Our regrouting also provides high resistance to dust and debris which embed in the porous grout causing further damage to the tiles. Our professionals can regrout and repair the tiles in a wide range of settings, ranging from floors to fireplaces. The team at ave and Seal includes fully qualified tilers who offer a comprehensive regrouting service to any tiled area.

For more information about our professional services in your area and a no-obligation quote, contact us today.

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