Leaky Shower Repair

Leaking showers are a common problem in many houses and apartments. Save and Seal cover all aspects of shower repairs ranging from Missing Grout Cracked Tiles or Drummy and Hollow sounding Tiles. Save and Seal can Tile your Shower with a selection of tiles including : Marble Granite Limestone Terracotta Mosaic Porcelaine Ceramic to mention but a few. If you have Tiles Lifting or Grout Missing Save and Seal can cover a wide scope of repairs from stopping your leaking shower without Removing Tiles to a complete Bathroom overhaul or Renovation. If you notice grout missing or cracked in sections of your shower tiled walls, it could be due to movement or water saturation (trapped water) behind the tiles or brick walls.

Leaking Balcony Repair

Leaking balconies can be a serious danger, especially if it’s been leaking slowly for some time before you notice it. The most common cause of balcony leak issues is that the waterproofing membrane has failed and the joists are suffering gradual leak damage and rot. If the balcony is left to deteriorate for a long period of time you are looking at many problems, such as: The reason most balconies leak is that the membrane has failed due to improper application or the wrong product was used. We have seen countless membranes fail mostly due to the application being done in a way in which the product was not allowed to work to its full capacity, for example, the application was not thick enough, or the membrane has. .

Tile Re-grouting

Save and seal offers a range of tiling services including grout replacement and tiling over existing tiles. All our technicians are fully trained in our unique shower repair and shower sealing process, and Save and seal Australia™ is fully licensed in tiling and waterproofing. In the majority of cases and grout sealing will stop your leaking shower without removing tiles however an option some of our customers prefer is simply to tile over their existing tiles. Removing or repairing tiles is often a tricky, fiddley, messy, noisy and expensive job. The option of tiling over your existing tiles will give you all of the benefits you would receive from a total renovation but for a fraction of the cost. Our experienced consultants will take a detailed look .