Tile Re-grouting

shower and balcony repair service in Mebourne

Tile & Shower Re-grouting for Melbourne

Re-grouting tile and grout sealing can make old tiles look new and your bathroom area brighter. Mould removal between tiles with our Save And Seal service can have an amazing effect on your bathroom, even if you have no need for practical repairs.

Get a consultant to inspect your grout replacement needs. Our technicians will remove the existing grout in between the tiles using specialised machinery. They will then re-grout the tile and use exclusive waterproofing product for grout sealing to stop your tiles from developing the mould problem again. 

Grout replacement and retiling

Save And Seal offers a range of tiling services including grout replacement and tiling over existing tiles. All our technicians are fully trained in our unique shower repair and shower sealing process, and Save And Seal is fully licensed in tiling and waterproofing. We employ a full range of waterproofing treatments depending on the conditions or delicate nature of your bathroom, from full re-grouting or re-tiling to layered epoxy seals.

In the majority of cases our tile repairs and grout sealing will stop your leaking shower without having to remove any tiles. However, an option some of our customers prefer is simply to tile over their existing tiles. Removing tiles is often a tricky, fiddly, messy, noisy, and expensive job. The option of tiling over your existing tiles will give you all of the benefits you would receive from a total renovation but for a fraction of the cost. Talk to Save And Seal’s expert technicians today to discuss which options are right for your bathroom. 

Call today to book your shower re-grouting and repairs

Our experienced consultants will take a detailed look at the existing grout and tiles in your bathroom and provide you with recommendations on the best way forward for your bathroom and a no-obligation free quote. Save And Seal is one of Melbourne’s top specialists when it comes to tile re-grouting and shower base repairs, having carried out this sort of work all over the city for years.

Make a start, enquire about our re-grouting tile service today by calling on: 0412 998 003