Epoxy Tile Grout Service in Melbourne

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Don’t Replace The Damaged Floors, Instead Transform With Epoxy Tile Grout!

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Damaged, broken or old grout makes even the most beautiful tiled surfaces look ugly. And worst, it can cause severe structural damages to your home/office. Replacing the tiles might be a solution, but it is not a feasible one. You need a professional re-grouting services to transform the tiled surface. Re-grouting the floors with high-performance epoxy tile grout will save your time and money! Save and Seal is a licensed agency with highly skilled industry professionals having rich experience in repairing and resealing any tiled floor or surface. We specialise in tile balcony sealing and re-grouting bathroom tiles, transforming any old or damaged floor tiles. We offer high-performance epoxy tile grout for commercial and residential tile installations.

Why Should You Choose Epoxy Grout In Melbourne For Your Floor Tiles?

A tiled surface bearing heavy traffic, constant water submersion or extreme chemical exposure needs strong grouting to stand the test of time. Our epoxy grout sealer service in Melbourne ensures durability for the tiled surface. Moreover, epoxy sealer provides high resistance against any chemical exposure.

Free Shower Leak Detection

Free quotes using high tech thermal and moisture reader. Our fast quoting processes allow us to provide a detailed and itemised quote in under 24 hours, this enables us to also provide detailed reports within 24 hours of any scan.

Epoxy Tile Grout Makes Cleaning Easy!

When you apply other types of grout, regular cleaning becomes a necessity. However, the non-porous epoxy does not let dirt, moisture or grime to penetrate the grout joints. Therefore epoxy grout is an ideal choice for commercial premises.

Our epoxy grouting service in Melbourne makes it immune to staining and other forms of chemical or moisture damage. We provide service for commercial floors and walls in areas with heavy traffic, bathrooms, as well as hygiene-sensitive areas like hospitals.

Transform your damaged or oil tiled surface! Call us on 1300479200 and talk to discover more option for re-grouting services.

Epoxy Tile Grout Service in Melbourne
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