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Beyond aesthetic reasons, caulking is a seal between two surfaces or areas to keep water from entering and damaging homes and buildings. As waterproofing is the key process to prevent water damage to properties, Save & Seal are the experts in caulking services Melbourne. Our bathroom caulking services and shower repairs will save the property and money in long run. More importantly, our services ensure that the functionality of concrete or walls isn’t reduced due to exposure to unwanted water and moisture.

At Save & Seal, we are committed to providing highest quality solutions to leaking showers, tiling, regrouting, and sealing. With years of experience, we are renowned for producing quality results for all range of domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. With a service-oriented approach, our team is professionally trained and certified to provide best-in-the-industry caulking services Melbourne.

Why is caulking important? Water intrusion in the properties can have devastating effects. The water damage can potentially promote the growth of mildew, can rot wood, cause relative inconvenience and decrease the aesthetic appeal of the bathrooms. Caulking services Melbourne is the basic step to prevent these and other problems from occurring.

Our caulking services include bathrooms, grouting panels, brickwork, ceramic tiles, shower repairs in melbourne and more. Moreover, the team at Save & Seal has high expertise and high-quality workmanship to guarantee best results. We treat every job as though it was for our own family home.

Leaky shower repair procedure


  • Check the leaky shower with electric leak detector.
  • Remove mold or deteriorated sealants such as silicon.
  • De-grout the walls, shower perimeter, floor waste, wall to wall junctions and hob joints.
  • Prepare floor and wall junction with Dremwel 200 machine.
  • Remove all waste material and vacuum.
  • Pre-seal with clear brush on solution that water proofs grout and tiles.
  • Re-grout wall and floor joints with cement based grout mixed fugolastic hardener.
  • Silicon the internal area of the shower screen.
  • Apply flexible sealant on floor and wall junctions.
  • Seal around waste area.
  • Waterproof the shower or balcony area using the clear brush on solution that waterproof grout and tile.
  • This sealant is brushed on the wall and floor tiles, forming a waterproof barrier beneath the surface of the grout.
  • This soaks in and waterproofs anything that is porous such as grout lines and hair line cracks.
  • Save and Seal also offers a tile over tile service. This includes priming, waterproofing, retile of the existing surface.

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