Stop your leaking shower and balcony without removing tiles

Stop your leaking shower and balcony without removing tiles. At Save & Seal we pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to leaking showers and balconies, tiling and re-grouting and sealing. With over years of experience, we are the number 1 choice for your next project. Our staffs are experts in their field and we guarantee that our level of service and quality workmanship will impress you – we treat every job as though it was for our own family home.

Leaky Shower and Balcony repair procedure

  • Check the leaky shower with electric leak detector.
  • Remove mold or deteriorated sealants such as silicon.
  • De-grout the walls, shower perimeter, floor waste, wall to wall junctions and hob joints.
  • Prepare floor and wall junction with Dremwel 200 machine.
  • Remove all waste material and vacuum.
  • Pre-seal with clear brush on solution that water proofs grout and tiles.
  • Re-grout wall and floor joints with cement based grout mixed fugolastic hardener.
  • Silicon the internal area of the shower screen.
  • Apply flexible sealant on floor and wall junctions.
  • Seal around waste area.
  • Waterproof the shower or balcony area using the clear brush on solution that waterproof grout and tile.
  • This sealant is brushed on the wall and floor tiles, forming a waterproof barrier beneath the surface of the grout.
  • This soaks in and waterproofs anything that is porous such as grout lines and hair line cracks.
  • Save and Seal also offers a tile over tile service. This includes priming, waterproofing, retile of the existing surface.

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