Melbourne’s Top Leaking Balcony Repairs & Waterproofing

A leaking balcony can pose a serious danger, especially electrical issues, potential collapse, discoloration of the related areas or decay/rot spreading through the external walls. Moreover, it is always a challenge to determine the source of leaks while undertaking leaking balcony repairs, balcony waterproofing Melbourne and tile regrouting Melbourne. Fortunately, the expert team at Save & Seal has all the professional edge in handling a wide range of leaking balconies. Our solutions are long-lasting and offer the best results in quality.

Causes of balcony repair:
The major reason behind leaking balconies is a failed membrane due to use of wrong products or improper application. Most of the times, the membranes are executed in a way where products couldn’t act to the full capacity with reasons like the improper thickness of the application, lack of time and more. Whatever be the cause, at Save & Seal, we ensure the best solutions which exceed Australian standards and suit the Australian lifestyle.

Indications of a leaking balcony:
If you haven’t noticed yet, the balconies tend to show certain issues while leaking, such as,

  • Grout line calcification
  • Lifting of surfaces and tiles
  • Cracking in the grout lines or surfaces
  • Water damage, especially to the plaster or paint

Our Services :

  • High-pressure cleaning of tiles and grout
  • Laying waterproof membranes and industrial waterproof seals
  • Removal and replacement of affected tiles
  • Tanking and Screeding to correct falls
  • Removal of calcium build-ups and efflorescence
  • Waterproofing and tile grouting
  • Full balcony renovation
At Save & Seal, we provide licensed laying of waterproof membranes and application of industrial waterproof seals to comply with Australian standards. For perfect balconies – call our team for leaking balcony repairs.