Leaking Balcony Repair

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Leaking balconies can be a serious danger, especially if it’s been leaking slowly for some time before you notice it.

The most common cause of balcony issues is that the waterproofing membrane has failed and the joists are suffering gradual leak damage and rot. If the balcony leak is left to deteriorate for a long period of time you are looking at many problems, such as:

  • Decay and rot spreading down external walls
  • Discolouration on walls or ceilings
  • Electrical issues
  • Collapsing balcony

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Tackling any cause of leaking balcony sealing

It’s always a challenge to balcony leak repairs when you’re trying to determine where the leaks are coming from. Here are a few handy hints from us when looking:

  • Is the balcony drain blocked, or has some kind of plumbing failure occurred in the area?
  • Has the joinery of the door leading out to the deck failed?
  • Is the leak visible on the under side of the balcony?
  • Has the tile grouting putrefied and is the water leaking through a join in the waterproofing membrane under the tiles?
  • Is the water running back across the joists under the deck from outside edge?
  • Is the base of the cladding touching the deck? If so water can potentially back up into the bottom plate of the timber wall frame.
  • Has the waterproofing membrane been correctly installed underneath the door frame to prevent wind driven rain getting up underneath the door and down into the wall below?
  • Is the water coming down from the roof and running down the external walls?
  • Any cracks in the plaster cladding around the balcony or external walls in the area?
  • Is the tiled area sealed correctly?

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Causes of Leaky Balcony:

The reason most balconies leak is that the membrane has failed due to improper application or the wrong product was used. We have seen countless membranes fail mostly due to the application being done in a way in which the product was not allowed to work to its full capacity, for example, the application was not thick enough, or the membrane has not been allowed enough time to cure. These are some of the most common reasons why balcony membranes fail.